FAAN Awards

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Name: FAAN Awards
Date(s): 1976?-1981?, 1995-present[1]
Frequency: annual
Associated Community:
Fandom: Science fiction fandom
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The FAAN Awards are a set of various fan awards in science fiction fandom. Award categories varied year to year, but have included fanzines, fan writers, and zine editors. Since 1995 the awards have been presented at Corflu, an annual fanzine con. See Fancyclopedia

According to Bev C in Interstat #42, the awards were created in response to a new trend in Hugo Award winners in the fanzine category:

Some disgruntled fans, upset because Hugos no longer went to real fanzines but to semi-prozines and even fringe-zines, decided to set up their own awards, the Faans. At the time, they seemed full of sour grapes and rather childish, announcing that the Hugos no longer had any meaning, these fans were the last bastion of Tru-fandom, and other similarly apocalyptic decrees. The irony: the immediate cause of their upset was the nomination of two ST writers for the Best Writer Hugo. Her Hugo had no meaning, said the winner later, because she had won it against Trekkies, not against real fan writers.