Every Fear You've Ever Faced

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Title: Every Fear You've Ever Faced
Creator: the_organge_nin (aka bendtothesun)
Date: 16 November 2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:04 min
Music: Corner Of Your Heart by Ingrid Michaelson
Genre: slash vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: up to episode 1.07
URL: Every Fear You've Ever Faced (LiveJournal)
Every Fear You've Ever Faced (YouTube)
Every Fear You've Ever Faced.jpg

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Every Fear You've Ever Faced is a Merlin/Arthur vid by the_organge_nin (3:04 min). The vid includes material up to episode 1.07.

Summary: "What ifs and who knows and sometimes even when you win, you can't stop thinking about how you could have lost."

Every Fear You've Ever Faced won second place in the category 'Pairing: Merlin/Arthur' in the 2008 Camelot Music Video Awards.


  • "That was so absorbing and real I actually thought they were going to kiss at the end, before I remembered they haven't actually done that on screen (yet). You've utterly captured them like two fireflies in a jam jar, and I'm off to download them before they get away."[1]
  • "I have been watching this vid a lot lately (not obsessively on loop, not at all, not me *whistles*) and I wanted to say just how astounding it is. I honestly think it's the first time I've ever really studied a vid this closely, and I am all kinds of impressed. I love the POV shifts between their greatest fears of losing each, expressed with such wonderful editing as their nightmares, and then the ending in their awake-life with all those smiles. This is so genius and I just love it to bits!!"[2]


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