Et Cetera

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Name: Et Cetera (えとせとら etosetora)
Creator: Tow Nakazaki
Date(s): 1998–2001
Medium: Manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Et Cetera is a manga series created by Tow Nakazaki, and is known for its cartoony and often bizarre art style. The story revolves around a young Chinese girl named Mingchao who lives in an alternate version of the Wild West.

Tokyopop published the books in English between 2004 and 2007. There are nine volumes total. The books have also been published in France, Italy, Thailand, and China. The series has been out of print for some time, but can be read online in English at various manga scanlation websites.


  • Mingchao - The main protagonist.
  • Baskerville - A mysterious priest whom Mingchao joins on her travels.
  • Benkate - A gun collecting fanatic who wants to steal the Eto Gun.
  • Fino - A young Native American girl who wields the Eto Gun’s twin gun, the Zodiac.
  • Yaghi - Fino’s younger brother.
  • Alternate - A scheming thief.
  • Blush - A cruel military commander who is seeking the Zodiac.

There are also several minor characters and other villains.


The fandom for Et Cetera is very small and has passed its peak, but fanworks are still created from time to time. Searching for fanworks can be difficult due to the manga's generic title.


There are two major pairings apparent in the fandom, and some have argued that these pairings are canon or strongly suggested as being canon.

  • Fino/Alternate
  • Mingchao/Baskerville

Rare pairings include:

  • Mingchao/Alternate
  • Benkate/Baskerville
  • Benkate/Yaghi

Slash pairings are rare to nonexistant as het pairings seem to be the most popular, but some suggestions have been:

  • Alternate/Blush
  • Alternate/Baskerville
  • Fino/Benkate
  • Fino/Mingchao
  • Mingchao/Luriele

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