Erin O. Mercy

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Name: Erin O. Mercy
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Erin O. Mercy was meant to be a fannish collaboration of Star Trek: TOS fic writers who wrote fic in the print zine Warped Space.

It is likely, however, that "Erin O. Mercy" was mostly Paula Smith. [1]

A similar "collaboration" is Mary Sue Whipple.


I don't know who Erin O. Mercy is (however, with all the puns flying about— it sounds a lot like Gordon Carleton) but whoever is the author— give 'em a kiss and an extra helping of plomik soup! I darn near got hysterical over "Commandra's Cruci-fiction" [by Erin O. Mercy in the zine Warped Space #14].


[The editor of Warped Space, Lori Chapek replied]: (Erin O. Mercy is a community name — the only prerequisite to writing an Erin O. Mercy story is that it must be well-written, funny, and end with someone getting hit in the face with a custard pie. Oh, and we had the idea before someone actually did hit Bill Shatner with a pie at the January 23-25, 1976 New York City con-- but we were innocent! [2]


  • Uncle Ernie's Nook, The Lace Box (from "Warped Space #10)
  • Commandra's Cruci-Fiction (from "Warped Space #13)
  • Ayok (Landing Party 6 story (from "Warped Space #14)
  • Circles & Cycles (Virginal Mary Sue gives virginal Spock a blow job to save him in pon farr.) (from "Warped Space #20)
  • Rhinestones and Mush written with Handy Schmaltz [3] (a responsefic to Diamonds and Rust) (from "Warped Space #25)

Fan Comments

Paula Block: Gosh, glad to see the return of Erin O. Mercy. She is a witty child, wickedly wonderful, multi-faceted, an up and coming P. Smith, no doubt. [4]
I am not Phula Shmit. -- Erin O. Mercy [5]


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