Entr’acte (Star Wars story)

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Title: Entr’acte
Author(s): Jean Stevenson
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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Entr’acte is a Star Wars story by Jean Stevenson.

art for this story from "Time Warp" by Mary Stacy-MacDonald

It was published in Time Warp #6/7 Volume 1.

Editor's Summary

Jean Stevenson's "Entr'acte," a delicate, ro mantic probing of the developing Han/Leia relationship, is also a very believable 'interquel' story set in the period between the end of A NEW HOPE and the beginning of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Though the story may belong solely to Jean's created universe, there is certainly nothing there to negate established canon.