Engage! (Star Trek zine published by U.S.S. Destiny)

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Title: Engage!
Publisher: U.S.S. Destiny, a fan club out of Northern Ireland
Editor(s): Elaine Burns
Date(s): 1993-?
Medium: print
Fandom: mixed Trek
Language: English
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Engage! is a gen, mixed Trek fan club zine published in the UK.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

  • has an article by Ruairi McDonald about warp speed

Issue 6

Engage! 6

Issue 7

Engage! 7 was published around August 1994 and contains 55 pages. (NOTE: while the content in this issue is accurate, this may be a different issue than #7. If someone has more information about how this issue, please move and edit.)

front cover of #7
back cover of #7
  • the club president says membership "still hovers around the healthy figure of 200"
  • advancement quiz questions and answers
  • comments by Patricia Whiteside on attending club meetings
  • Beware! Cyrus 5, fiction by Tom Ferguson
  • descriptions by Mark Rooney and Victor Stephens of a fan club bowling party on the 23rd of June, includes photo
  • many comments about the movie "Star Trek: Generations" and of Captain Kirk's death
  • a reader has a LoC in which he says an article about Dungeons and Dragons from an earlier issue was biased and poorly written
  • Wesley and Me, an article by Mark Rooney regarding standing up for the much-maligned character of Wesley Crusher
  • Miles O'Brien: A Legend in the Making, article by John Feerick
  • Commander Riker's Amazing Childhood, speculative article by Eamon Watters
  • Dawn's Early Light, TNG fiction by Victor Stephens
  • copy of a post card, dated March 4, 1994, from Joan Verba telling the club they would be listed in the spring directory of the Welcommittee
  • Klingon Culture, article by Richard Johnston
  • fans' memories regarding their memories and recollections of Gene Roddenberry and his death and legacy
  • four short pro book reviews
  • a parody advice column: "Dear Deanna, The Interstellar Agony Aunt" (new to this issue)
  • another installment by Victor Stephens of "Surf's Up" (reader has the choice of three "endings")

Issue 8

Engage! 8 was published in December 1994 and contains 60 pages.

front cover of issue #8
  • it lists the 10 monthly meetings (all January 2) at the York Hotel in Belfast
  • articles and small bits written by David Murphy, Victor Stephens, others
  • the final part of the story by Mark Rooney: "Surf's Up"
  • "Christmas Poem," by Victor Stephens
  • Twenty Reasons Why Captain Kirk is Better Than Picard
  • a page-long article about how to write a letter for a letter campaign
  • The Role of Security, article by Matt Johnston
  • a quiz by Steve Courts
  • Star Trek news around London area
  • Q'arol, uncredited Deep Space Nine fiction
  • there is a page-long update by Alan Sewell on the fan club's year in review
  • Clue Q, by Steve Courts (comparing some pro novels and determining canon)
  • Borgmanion Rhapsody, an uncredited filk
  • a parody advice column: "Dear Deanna, The Interstellar Agony Aunt"
  • What is Role Playing?, by Matt Johnson
  • The Greatest Captain by Richard Thornton (clue: it's Captain Kirk)
  • The Destiny Incident, fiction by Richard Thorton
  • Spock, the Final Frontier, an article by Steve Courts about Star Trek action figures
  • "Duty," a long, uncredited story starring Kira and Quark)
  • The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, a list of greedy rules utilizing episode titles
  • an uncredited con report for IreCon #4 (September 3, 1994)
  • a con report by Denis Rush for DestinyCon:
    A great moment in the life of any Star Trek fan would be to attend a convention where the actual stars of the series would be the convention guests. On my trip to America during the summer I attended such a convention.