Emma Swan & David Nolan

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Emma Swan & Prince "Charming" David
Emma Swan & David Nolan
Alternative name(s): Daddy Charming
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Type: Family
Canonical?: Family in Canon
Prevalence: common?
Archives: FFN AO3
See also: David Nolan/Emma Swan
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Emma & David is a gen pairing of David Nolan (Prince Charming/Prince David) and Emma Swan from the Once Upon a Time fandom.


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David & Emma gen fandom is fairly common usually in the background in fics although sometimes it is prominently, and prominently shown in gifs sets and fanvids. Daddy Charming is the pairing name for fanworks that feature David & Emma.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • AUs where the Curse never happened is quite common thus Princess!Emma happens and David was able to be her father throughout her life.
  • Hurt/Comfort and Angst are quite common genres for Emma&David fics, as is fluff.


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