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Name: emef
Alias(es): iteration
Type: writer, podficcer,
Fandoms: Person of Interest, Elementary, Die Hard, others
URL: emef on AO3
iteration on AO3
Emef on Dreamwidth
Emef on tumblr
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Emef, also known as iteration, is a multifannish writer and sometime podficcer. She is most well known for her work in Person of Interest, Elementary and Die Hard. Her work is often lighthearted but sometimes goes deeper in exploring the minds of damaged characters (think John Reese in Person of Interest).

She has a blanket permission statement on her AO3

Blanket statement: please feel free to podfic, fanart or otherwise transform anything you like.[1]

Notable Works

This story should be the most kudos-d and loved in this whole fandom. I am blown away by how beautiful this is.[2]


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