Embers (Music RPF crossover story)

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Title: Embers
Author(s): Ahestele
Date(s): 2004-present
Length: 29 chapters
Genre: AU slash romance, crossover, High School AU
Fandom: Hanson, Eminem, Figure Skating RPF and Bandom
External Links: LJ, AO3

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Embers is a Hanson and Eminem slash fanfic by Ahestele, which she began writing in 2004. It slashes Taylor Hanson with Eminem in a world where Taylor is a figure skater and Eminem is a hockey player. Secondary characters include real life figure skater Johnny Weir and bandom staple Pete Wentz.

Noteworthy not only for its length and quality, it's also, by all accounts, the first written instance of this rather unusual pairing.

Reactions and Reviews

The story builds up its drama slowly throughout, with the developments always feeling realistic, even when they escalate to new, dangerous heights. Then, like so many other stories, Embers fizzled out and ceased to be updated. While it by no means turned me into an Eminem fan, I did love the care that Ahestele took to create his world and his character and I hope someday she gives his story—and Taylor’s—the ending it deserves.[1]

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Embers is featured in the PlaceToHide.net hall of fame.


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