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For the Heroes character, see Elle Bishop.
Name: Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop
Occupation: NCIS Special Agent
previously NSA analyst
Relationships: three unnamed older brothers, Jake Malloy (husband)
Fandom: NCIS
Other: Portrayed by Emily Wickersham
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Ellie Bishop is a main character in NCIS, introduced in Season 11.


Ellie was an NSA analyst who was introduced in the season 11 episode "Gut Check". She became a reoccurring character as a joint duty assignment with the NCIS team. Later in the season, Gibbs offers her a job as a NCIS Special Agent. McGee and DiNozzo then start to refer to her as "probie", and getting her to do menial tasks, such as evidence collection.

She is married, but he is rarely shown. Although it has been recently revealed that Jack Malloy, her husband, has been cheating on her with a co-worker, leading to divorce for the two.


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NCIS, a very popular crime drama that focuses around the everyday lives of Team Gibbs.


Ellie is shipped with many people, but mainly her husband Jake Malloy, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Timothy McGee.


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