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Title: Effigy
Creator: obsessive24
Date: 15 February 2009
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:32 min
Music: Effigy by Natalie Merchant
Genre: character study
Fandom: Merlin
URL: Effigy (LiveJournal)

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Effigy is a Merlin vid by obsessive24 (2:32 min). It won first place in the Camelot Music Video Awards 2009 in the category 'Gwen'.

Summary: Guinevere character. Put your flaming torches under me.

Vidding Notes: "The main point of trying this vid is to stop fixating on linear narratives and just let the feel of the visuals dictate the flow of the story, without necessarily worrying where events fall on the timeline. It was an interesting process, particularly during the blind beta 1 stage where the beta wasn't guided in any way toward their interpretation. The fact is that the narrative and themes were intentionally left more open to interpretation than my usual vids. Bring your own meta… or not. I'm going to be postmodern and say that vidder intention probably doesn't take precedence over audience interpretation. Well, at least in regards to this vid. ;)"[1]


  • "I love the sweeping feel of this, how every shot lingers and can say so many different things. I really love the use of external footage, which is something that's been done a lot in this fandom with varying degrees of success. Here, it doesn't just work, it's perfect. I really love the horse, I have to say, though I think I'm going to have to watch this a few more times to work out quite what she's doing there. I really appreciate the way that Tom is so central to this, and the shades of Arthur-as-Uther and Gwen and Lancelot's doomed love."[2]
  • "I adored the use of other sources; part of the fun of the show is the comparison to the other versions of the legends, and the ways in which the show dodges that (or not), but the stone carvings make everything seem all tragic and inevitable, and OHH, THIS SHOW AND TRAGIC DESTINY."[3]


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