Eat Your Heart Out, Ansel Adams

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Eat Your Heart Out, Ansel Adams
Author(s): Jane Mailander
Date(s): 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Eat Your Heart Out, Ansel Adams is a Spock/Kirk and Spock/Kirk/McCoy story by Jane Mailander.

It was published in the print zine Shades of Grey #5.

Reactions and Reviews

At first glance, this seem just too silly for words. But as I read along, I found the honesty between the characters very touching. And no one else could have pulled something like this off as well as Ms. Mailander has! [1]
Great Scott! What is it about McCoy's voyeurism? This time he's hiding out in Kirk's and Spock's massive closet, camera in hand, wondering when our guys are going to quit enjoying married life so much. What do you do when you find yourself with a little extra film?? In McCoy's case, he sees them come out of the shower "looking like a pair of stallions". And gets what he deserves. A major case of the hots! And he doesn't even dare let out a moan or he'll be found! Spock asks permission to swallow Kirk whole (which pretty well choked me up). When Kirk answers with what McCoy thinks of as 'that look" the good doctor really starts to suffer. I won't tell you what he thinks he'd do if he was ever the beneficiary of "that look". Just when the southern gentleman has about reached his limit, Kirk drags him out of the closet (?!?) and invites him to join them. The pair has, of course, known of McCoy's presence all along. The three together are what Shades of Grey is all about and this fun little ditty almost makes me buy the concept. [2]


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