East Anglican Star Trek Association

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Fan Club
Name: East Anglican Star Trek Association
Dates: mid 1980s
Founder(s): Lee Light
Country based in: Newmarket, Suffolk, UK
Focus: Star Trek
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East Anglican Star Trek Association was a UK Star Trek fan club. It, among other things, published four newsletters a year.

1986 flyer
From an announcement in Voyager #16:
We are into member participation and have our very own starship -- USS Suffolk, and when you join you get to create a character of your very own to serve aboard her -- and many even feature in the stories there told!!! We try to cater to everyone's needs, with such items as the "Scrawl Wall," "Astronomical Data," "Debate Column," and evan an agony column -- "Dear Aunty T'Pau..."!

In 1985, the club published a zine by Lee Light and Linda Read called Astral Union. Half the proceeds from this zine went to the BSFR Film Fund.

Issue 3

Easta 3 was published in November 1986 and contains 44 pages. Copies printed: 60.

Issue 4

Easta 4 was published in February 1986 and contains 34 pages. Copies printed: 70.

  • Centre Seat Chat (1)
  • Dear Aunty T'Pau (2)
  • Notice Board (3)
  • Ships and Starships by Ray Dowsett (4)
  • Fire Phasers by Mark Roper (7)
  • Actor News (9)
  • Kirstie Alley Colum by Brithwik (11)
  • Birthdays this quarter and Trek Clubs (12)
  • Pen Pals (13)
  • Runaway Review by Britwhick (14)
  • Scrawl Wall by Anon (15)
  • Halloween Party Report by Miri (17)
  • Astronomical Data by Lee (18)
  • Ship Shots (19)
  • Desperate Measures by Lee & Contributors (20)
  • Crew Dispositions by Ray and Lee (26)
  • A to B, or not to Be by Jennie Watkins (30)
  • Cyrano Sales (31)
  • Kiddies Korner by Martine Baker and Lee (32)