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The BSFR Film Fund was started by members of the Bristol Star Fleet Registry to pay for their proposed fan film. The film was announced in 1984.

The goal was to start shooting summer 1985, use the winter for special effects shooting, music and post-production and a release in 1986; initially the movie was to be funded by raffles and donations but was it was later decided to use all profits from the zine The Silken Thread That Binds Us; the film was meant to be of high-quality and to be shown at conventions and club meetings and would have a 1:1 scale:
[The film] started as a story story, "Confrontation," by Rod Summers. This dealt with the break out of Kang and his crew from a Federation Maximum Security Installation, the 'Enterprise's routine visit to this out-post and the subsequent capture and ransom of Kirk and his landing party. Kang's demands were simple -- Kirk's life for the 'Enterprise' and safe passage to the Klingon Empire. This story was taken and vastly expanded by Rosemary Senior. Retitled 'The Fortunes of War,' it is now a fully structured shooting script. The Klingon's motives have become more devious; the 'Enterprise's' predicament more perilous... This will be a big, bold project. We wouldn't have started it if we didn't think it could work. We intend this film to be the best amateur ST film ever made. [1]

Half of the proceeds from the zine Astral Union were donated to this fund.

It is unknown if this film was ever completed.


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