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Dwobbit is the fannish term for the child of a dwarf and a hobbit. The term originated in The Hobbit fandom, where it is largely associated with Bilbo Baggins.[1]


The term "Dwobbit" first appeared at the beginning of 2013. The earliest use in a prompt on hobbit_kink was Thorin/Bilbo - Lots of Dwobbits running around Erebor (post and/or present mpreg), posted January 1, 2013 to prompt post 2. A fill for a different prompt on January 5 was titled Dwobbits or Quarterlings?, also posted to prompt post 2. The same fill was posted to AO3, where it was likely the first work on that site to use the term "Dwobbit".

Like many fannish shipping portmantaus, "Dwobbit" combines two terms into one, so it may have originated as a fannish consensus that this was the best sounding combination of the two terms.

Usage in Fanworks

In fanworks, most dwobbits are Bilbo's children, or the children of other Company members and hobbits, canonical or original. Sometimes Bilbo himself is a dwobbit, as in Needle of the Haystack by Aurorealis, or another member of the Company is. The popularity of mpreg in Bilbo ships[2][3] and Rule 63 for Bilbo[4] help make this trope widespread, to the point where it appears in several fannish usernames.

Common tropes associated with dwobbits include mingling their heritage physically and mentally, dwarves and hobbits both reacting to their existence, the shoe issue, and the lifespan issue. Often, dwobbits in the same family will display different characteristics from each other. Prejudice against dwobbits appears in some works, as in the threats against the royal dwobbits in the Coats and Customs series by imaginary_golux. That series also has dwobbits learning to navigate the social and cultural elements handed down from both hobbit and dwarf culture, inventing something that isn't so much a blending as entirely new.

Sometime dwobbits are Born from Stone, grow as Cabbage Patch Hobbits, or otherwise not born through pregnancy.

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