Dwarves Kill Smaug

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Dwarves Kill Smaug is an alternate universe trope for The Hobbit in which the dragon Smaug does not destroy Laketown. Instead, Thorin's Company finds a way to kill the dragon themselves, leaving Laketown unruined and potentially altering the Battle of Five Armies. This also tends to leave them with a giant dragon body to dispose of, since Smaug is usually still inside the mountain when this happens.

In this trope, usually it is Kíli (the only archer in the movie) or Thorin Oakenshield who actually kills Smaug. Sometimes one of the other warriors does the honors instead, often after a long fight involving several dwarves. Bilbo Baggins is only rarely the one to strike the killing blow.

In Erebor Never Fell works, sometimes Smaug appears and is slain by Thorin or another dwarf before he can take the mountain.

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