Duty or Loyalty

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Title: Duty or Loyalty
Author(s): silmanumenel
Date(s): 04 October 2011
Length: 1,880 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Duty or Loyalty (LJ)
Duty or Loyalty.png

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Duty or Loyalty is a Steve/Danny story by silmanumenel. It won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Favorite Steve and Danny - Genre: Other".[1]

Summary: Danny's life is not what you would call normal, and growing up is not exactly easy when half of your family belongs to the mafia. Or: The AU in which Danny is still Danny, but most of his family is on the other side of the law.


Oh this is really good I'm so glad you decided to put it up. I love how Danny is so torn , how he loves his uncle and cousin, how he wants to be a cop. I love how his mom is very honest with him and allows him to make his own choices but I think in telling him about her staying away from the business she is trying to keep Danny away since he is old enough now. Can't wait for more. Great AU.[2]


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