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Journal Community
Name: Due South Rec Finders (ds-recfinders)
Date(s): 25 September 2007-Last updated on 9 October 2016
Type: fic finding
Fandom: due South

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Due South Rec Finders was a due South LiveJournal fic finding community.

As of 2017, the community had 378 posts; 2,972 comments; and 300 members.

Due South Fic Finders and "Due South Rec Finders" merged in January 2011.

Addressing The Ray Wars

In 2008, the mods of this community had this statement and new policy, in part, due to some Ray Vecchio fans defriending this com.

For some background, see The Ray Wars.

ADMIN: New policy: Zero Tolerance on Character or Pairing Disrespect

What is the new policy?:

From today, any post to ds_recfinders which contains a slur or any gratuitous negativity about a character or pairing will be deleted by the mods.


Due South fandom is a happy, friendly, inclusive community with a bloody past. You may not have heard of the Ray Wars, but trust us when we say they were bitter and unpleasant and long-running. Various wonderful people worked hard to put that divisiveness in the past and foster a Due South playground that welcomes fans of all characters and pairings -- even the weird ones. ;-) But pairings are still a sensitive subject for many people, particularly with the current fandom being skewed so heavily towards Fraser/Kowalski.

We're aware that some Vecchio fans have defriended ds_recfinders because of how rec requests have been worded in the past, and we hope to win them back by declaring this comm firmly bipartisan. We ask that members help us in this endeavour by phrasing their requests with tact and courtesy.

Important points to note:

1. If your post is deleted, it's nothing personal. We don't hate you, we're not judging you and we're not telling you how to think or what to say in general. We're setting standards for this LJ comm. We encourage you to rephrase and repost. If you're not sure whether your new version falls within the policy, feel free to ask.

2. That said, we don't really want to get into involved discussions about what you intended or whether we're being over-sensitive. The mods' decisions are final and we are willing to be benevolent dictators in this regard.

3. You may think we're overreacting to your post. You may be right. But if we consider it inappropriate for this comm, chances are other people do too. Why not err on the side of caution? When making a recs request, specifying what you don't want is usually unnecessary. It's enough to ask for what you do want.

4. Requesting recs for fic in which one of the DS characters is a bad guy or one pairing has a less than optimal relationship is still allowed. Please word these kinds of requests carefully and be aware that your post will be read by fans of all pairings.

5. The mods of ds_recfinders are fans of both Rays. Please don't make us sad or raise our blood pressure by being rude, however slightly or slyly, about one of our boys.

Thank you. :-) [1]


  1. ^ New policy: Zero Tolerance on Character or Pairing Disrespect ; archive link, July 15, 2008