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Journal Community
Name: Due South Fic Finders (ds-ficfinders)
Date(s): 29 August 2005-present
Type: fic finding
Fandom: due South
URL: Due South Fic Finders; archive link

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Due South Fic Finders is a due South LiveJournal community.

As of 2017, the community has 1,977 posts; 10,527 comments; and 798 members.

ds_ficfinders and ds_recfinders merged on January 2011.

It happens to all of us - you want to go back and reread a particular story -- about Ray Kowalski and Fraser in a cabin in the Northwest Areas, or Ray Vecchio and Benny in Chicago. Or is there a Buried on Sunday/Masterminds crossover or that Men with Brooms story you didn't bookmark? Where is that vid that was especially memorable, except for the part where you forgot where to find it? All you remember about the story or vid is one scene, one line of dialogue or just the general direction of the story.

Maybe you've a yen for some Fraser/Vecchio h/c fic. Or some sleepy F/K morning sex. Or you've just watched The Blue Line and desperately need some Fraser/Smithbauer.

Let us help. Come here and state your case. Give whatever details you remember and we'll find it (or at least, look like we're trying to)! Here are a few suggestions as to what details you might include --

Season 1,2,3 or 4
Episode or (in the case of Six Degrees) movie or show related to the story
Characters involved
Line of dialogue
Slash, het or gen

This community uses tags. Please check the list of tags and tag your request appropriately.

* If you're looking for RPS or RPF (i.e. real person fic), please direct your query to one of the RPF-specific comms -- either ckr_actorfic or rpf_canada, where they will be more than happy to help.


Play nice. Be polite. Character-bashing will not be tolerated. This community has adopted the Policy of Zero Tolerance on Character or Pairing Disrespect. [1]


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