Dreamworks Convention

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Name: Dreamworks Convention
Dates: April 16, 1988 (perhaps others)
Location: Syracuse, NY
Type: for-profit, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek, Willow, other fandoms
Founding Date:
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Dreamworks Convention was held on April 16, 1988 in Syracuse, NY. There may have been other cons at other dates.

This con was for-profit with celebrity guests of honor. It is unknown who was its sponsor.

Con Report

Let me make it perfectly clear, first, that I thoroughly enjoyed this convention. I'm glad that the Syracuse "market" can support Trek cons, and I eagerly anticipate attending many more in this area. But there were some disappointments, some areas wherein a few small changes could bring about great improvements.

It was a good idea to have tables set up for distributing local (and not-so-local) club information and newsletters, giving fans a chance to get to know who else out there shares an interest in Trekdom. It would have been even better to see people attached to the flyers and brochures, ready to answer questions and provide further information. Better yet, wouldn't it have been nice to have some space for fans to swap ideas, addresses, costume hints, collectibles and other stuff? Even a room equipped with a few tables and chairs would have been a bonus.

Despite the lack of formal meeting time and space, Trek fans manage to find one another, though. It's more difficult to find reliable sources for those pieces you're dying to add to your collection. The dealers' room should have been a paradise of hard-to-find items and favorite stand-bys alike. Instead I found not enough dealers selling not enough stuff in not enough space. Seeing the same pins and books at every table, and using precious space for comics dealers and other paraphernalia not even remotely connected with Star Trek, seemed a waste to me.

Fortunately, the visiting guest was definitely not a waste. Yes, it would have been nice to have seen and heard more from him, and yes. I was disappointed not to have the chance to get an autograph. But Deforest Kelley was entertaining, charming and amusing; i was pleased to find him so much like Bones even in his "real persona". Getting the opportunity to see and hear from the stars of Star Trek is almost always the main draw for any convention.

Besides seeing one of my favorite Star Trek actors and hoping for something irresistible at the dealers' tables, I looked forward to the auction. But, once again, the occasion suffered from lack of diversity. It was nice to have the chance to snap something up at a lower price than at the tables, but I had hoped to see more unusual items at the auction, if nowhere else.

I did enjoy the costume "parade", even crammed in as it was amidst the auction and the guest appearance. I was intrigued by the promo for WILLOW. (and got a decent seat for later events), "but I would really have enjoyed something that had to do with Star Trek; outtakes films of the show itself, even hits on what else Trek's stars have done.

All in all, as I've said "before, I did have a good time. Kelley's appearance was great fun, 1 did find a couple of things to buy at the dealers' tables, and any chance to get out and mingle with other fans is worthwhile. And, now that I've complained about what was wrong with the convention, let's hear how you felt about it. We (that is, we the staff of The Communicator) hope you'll send your opinions and some alternative ideas on how future cons should be run; meanwhile, we've got plenty of ideas that we'll be sharing with you in future issues. [1]


  1. ^ from The Communicator #1 (August 1988)