Dream Ship

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Title: Dream Ship
Publisher: No Promises Press
Editor(s): Ashley McConnell & Melissa Snodgrass
Date(s): the zine is dated 1980, but all of the art by Walker is dated 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars and Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, Chantal Winkless
back cover, C.I. Uurtamo

Dream Ship is a 96-page gen fanzine anthology published in 1980 by Ashley McConnell and Melinda Snodgrass. The editor-in-chief/publisher is listed as Kate Little Bird.

An ad in Universal Translator #18 says it is a "SW/ST zine with stories about Spock and his academy roommate; a theft of plans to the Death Star; and a look at the Klingon home world."

The zine does not have any page numbers.


  • front cover by Chantal Winkless, inside back cover by Scott Walker, back cover by C.I. Uurtamo
  • The Capering Corsair by P. Susan Donym, art by Scott Walker (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Hailing Frequencies Open, fanwork told in letters by The Staff (Star Trek: TOS)
  • The Way Home by Ashley McConnell, art by Karen River and Scott Walker (Star Wars)
  • Changes, poem by Ashley McConnell (Star Wars)
  • Of Fish and Visitors by Nonnie de Plyme, art by C.I Uurtamo (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Redivivus of an Emperor by Conception Nieves, art by Chantal Winkless (Star Wars)
  • Scoundrel, poem by Ashley McConnell (Star Wars)
  • The Way of the Klingon by Melinda Snodgrass, art by Karen River (note: toc has a different name crossed out and "Karen River" was handwritten added)
  • Klingon Menu, recipes by Melissa Snodgrass (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Round World, poem by Ashley McConnell (science fiction)
  • A Matter of Expediency by Melinda Snodgrass, art by Scott Walker (Star Wars)
  • Graffiti (multifandom)
  • cartoons

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