Dominic Sherwood

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Name: Domophobe Anthony "Dom" Sherwood
Also Known As: Dominic Sherwood
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Television/Movies
Works: Shadowhunters, Vampire Academy
Official Website(s): Twitter, Instagram
Fan Website(s):, Dominic Sherwood Online, Dominic Sherwood Fan
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Dominic Sherwood is an English actor and model. He is best known for his role as Jace Wayland in the Freeform television series Shadowhunters.

In RPF fiction, Dominic is often paired with Shadowhunter co-star Matthew Daddario.

Homophobic slur controversy

The two opposing sides of the flame war. The first image is a promotional image for the RecastJace petition. The second image is promoting the usage of #StopHateDom

In November 2017, Matthew Daddario held a Facebook live stream with fans. During the stream, Dominic entered the room and greeted his castmate by referring to him as a 'fag'. The Shadowhunter fandom reacted strongly to this incident. A large number of fans were deeply upset with Dom's casual usage of a homophobic slur and some even called for him to be recast. Many also found it shocking that he would call Matt a 'fag' particularly because Matt portrays a canonically queer character on the show.[1]

Later on the same day, Dom posted an apology on Instagram, describing his behaviour as "disgusting". In the video, Dominic says he holds himself "fully accountable" and that he wasn't trying to "make excuses".[2]

The incident gained sudden controversy within fandom. Soon after the incident, Matthew Daddario was a trended search on Tumblr, where many people commended Matt's handling of the situation. The incident, however, caused a divide within fandom between those who hate Dominic for his actions, and those who don't. This is particularly clear from the Twitter hastags used by fans:

  • #WeLoveYouDom: This hashtag was used by people who still loved and appreciated Dom regardless of his actions.
  • #RecastJace: Many fans called for Jace (Dominic's character) to be recast due to the incident. One petition for his recast gained over 1000 signatures.[3]
  • #FireDomSherwood: This hashtag was often used together with #RecastJace.
  • #StopHateDom

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