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Name: Doctor Who Media (DWM)
Owner/Maintainer: pcjonathan
Dates: 2010 - 22 August 2014
Type: fansite
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: (closed)
Facebook / Twitter
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Doctor Who Media was a Doctor Who fansite founded in 2010. The site hosted unauthorized full episodes of Doctor Who episodes, as well as fannish reconstructions of lost episodes, a fan art gallery, and other media. It also contained a message board and a web store for Doctor Who-related merchandise. The site maintainer received a Cease & Desist notice in August 2014, and the site was closed.

At the time of its closure, the site had around 25,000 members.[1] Membership was required to access content, including the full episodes.


The site was closed on August 22, 2014, after receiving a Cease & Desist notice from BBC and Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) representatives.

The following announcement was posted on the site as well as the Doctor Who Media Facebook page:

I regret to inform you that Doctor Who Media is shutting down today, after nearly four and a half years.

Yesterday, I had a visit from FACT and BBCWW where I was asked to cease and desist and hand over the domain (or else) so the site has to shut down and the domain needs to be transferred, which will happen at some point either over the weekend or on Monday where a banner will then be displayed. The site itself won't be transferred so all your user details are safe.

The site will be backed up a final time and archived in a single offline location, in case anyone wants any forum posts or similar info. I have also refunded the last few donations since they hadn't been used yet.

Since the domain is being moved, please do not send any emails, if required for whatever reason, to the webmaster email, but rather to

I'm deeply sorry guys and I thank anyone who has ever helped with the site. I've made some great friends via it as well. I hope the site was of great use to you and I hope this means BBCWW will finally create a proper place to watch Doctor Who instead of leaving it barely dotted around, which was why this place was created in the first place!

So long and thanks for all the fish companions![2]

Fans were sad to see the site close. One fan on Reddit writes: "It was a marvelous, wonderful place, it had every episode of the classic series and up to series 6 of the new series. With this place gone there's no place left where you can get the classic series anymore, it's a real tradgedy." Another replies: "Yep. DWM was a great place. No ads, an awesome admin, high quality episodes of DW, Torchwood as well. It's a damn shame".[3]


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