Doctor Mechanic Week

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Name: Doctor Mechanic Week
Date(s): August 14–21, 2016
Moderator(s): nicxminorus, supcrgirls
Type: fanfiction, gif sets
Fandom: The 100
Associated Community:
URL: doctormechanicweek; archive link
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Doctor Mechanic Week was a fanweek prompt challenge dedicated to creating fanworks for The 100 pairing of Abby Griffin/Raven Reyes, also known as Doctor Mechanic. Although multiple types of fanworks were accepted there was a large concentration on fanfiction.


  • Day 1: Assassins AU
  • Day 2: Sports AU
  • Day 3: Roommates/Housemates AU
  • Day 4: Fake Dating AU
  • Day 5: Bookstore AU
  • Day 6: Soulmates AU
  • Day 7: Road Trip AU
  • BONUS Day: Creator’s Choice