Distant Lands

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You may be looking for A Distant Land, a Blake's 7 story.

Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Distant Lands
Author: Jena Bartley
Dates: 2001 or before - present
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Stargate SG-1, JAG, Harry Potter, Soldier of Fortune, Mutant X
URL: http://www.ravenswing.com/~jenab/ (Wayback)
http://www.hawksong.com/~jenab/index.html (Hawksong.com)
Welcome to Distant Lands.jpg
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Distant Lands is a website with fanfiction by Jena Bartley. It is part of Hawksong.com.

The page was linked to from the Master and Apprentice archive.[1]


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