Dimensionally Transcendental

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Title: Dimensionally Transcendental
Editor(s): Eileen Dougherty
Date(s): December 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia, including Star Wars
Language: English
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front cover by Colleen Winters
back cover by Colleen Winters

Dimensionally Transcendental is a gen multi-fandom 131-page anthology.

From the editor's page, "Welcome to what has to be the strangest zine I've ever published. It wasn't planned that way, but this seems to have turned into a crossed-universe zine."

There were 100 copies printed.

The art is by Pat Cash, Regina De Simone, Alberta Stout, Harvey White, and Colleen Winters.


  • Editorial (3)
  • MEMO by JoLynn Horvath (4)
  • Doctor Who and the Pawns of Darth Vader, part one (part two was to be published in The Jedi Journal #4, an issue that was never published) by John S. Olson (Doctor Who/Star Wars) (5)
  • The Challenge and What Became of It by Gaylen Reiss (43)
  • A Child's Primer of Boob Tub SF by Harvey White (44)
  • Black Phoenix Rising by JoLynn Horvath (original fiction?) (46)
  • The End of a Dream by Gaylen Reiss (65)
  • The End of a Dream by JoLynn Horvath (65)
  • Elfin Dreams by Alberta Stout (66)
  • Calatea's Guardian by Colleen Winter (Doctor Who crossed with ?) (68)
  • Eulogy by JoLynn Horvath (79)
  • Blake's 7 (Federation 0), article and primer by J. Holly Horsman (80)
  • Understanding by JoLynn Horvath (author's note: "As I rewrite this, I am stuck with a dilemma. I have come up with two different endings, and I can't decide which one to use. Therefore, with the permission of my editor (I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going...to try to stop her - ed.), I include both of them.") (Blake's 7) (85)
  • ... And an Island Never Cries by JoLynn Horvath (Blake's 7) (91)
  • The Secret of Yamato by Colleen Winters (92)
  • Galactica 1979 1/2 by Harvey White (97)
  • Song for the Gambler by K. R. Mullin (98)
  • Indy's Variation on a Well-Known Poem by Karen Klinck (98)
  • And Having Writ, Moves On by Catherine Siemann (Doctor Who) (99)
  • Oh No, Not Another One! by Regina DeSimone (103)
  • You Know It's a Bad Day When by the Gang of Four (FHFTDL, INK.) (104)
  • You Know It's a Bad Day When... the editor retaliates (105)
  • One Lone Eagle, filk to the tune of "One Tin Soldier" by JoLynn Horvath (106)
  • The Promise by JoLynn Horvath (Hill Street Blues) (107)
  • Doctor Who and the Warp in Space and To Boldly Go by Gaylen Reiss (Doctor Who/Star Trek TOS) (109)
  • You are Receiving This Because FHFTDL (130)
  • A Most Peculiar Group, filk to the tune of "A Most Peculiar Man" by Karen Klinck (131)

Sample Interior