Digitabulum Magae

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Title: Digitabulum Magae
Author(s): MacGeorge
Date(s): 2002
Length: 108,949 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander, Witchblade
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Digitabulum Magae is a Highlander/Witchblade crossover by MacGeorge (108,949 words). The main pairing is Duncan/Methos.

Summary: Kenneth Irons and Ian Nottingham are using the Witchblade and Sara Pezzini to prolong Kenneth's life, but they discover two intriguing men who also have very long life lines. Are they connected? Can Kenneth exploit them for his own purposes? However, it seems the Witchblade has another agenda entirely, and has a tendency to act on its own.

The story was mentioned as an example everyone could agree on in an Escapade panel on New Highlander Classics.[1]


"This is a long Highlander/Witchblade x-over, and the only fully developed Ian/Irons story I’ve found. [...] The plot is very complex, serving to prove that when the Witchblade is involved, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. It begins with Ian and Irons taking a trip to England to meet with Dr. Adam Pierson concerning an ancient text. While there, they meet the Dr.’s close friend, Duncan MacLeod. Duncan turns down Ian’s request to become his teacher, but both he and Methos recognize the mark of the Witchblade. When the two immortals make a trip to the U.S., they again come into contact with Ian and Irons as well as making the aquaintance of the current Wielder. Though a worried Methos insists they need to stay as far from the Witchblade as possible, Ian has raised Duncan’s protective instincts and Sara has caught his attention. Add in another immortal who is out for Duncan’s blood and the fact that Irons is obsessed with immortality and intrigued by the idea that the Witchblade may not be his only route to achieving it, and the stage is set for a rousing adventure.
The relationships, both sexual and otherwise, are quite complex in this story. Ian is clearly ‘owned’ by Irons, but his attraction to Duncan is undeniable, as is his bond to Sara. Sara, too, is taken with the Highlander, and given that Duncan had known Elizabeth Bronte, nothing about that potential pairing is simple. Finally, there’s Methos, who really just wants to get out of town- but damned if he’ll leave without Duncan. Complex, plotty and very, very interesting- this story is highly recommended for both the Highlander fans and any Witchblade fan who isn’t dead set on a Sara/Ian story. My main focus is on Ian, and I thought this was a really intriguing exploration of his possible evolution. It’s not exactly how I see things, but it was a damned interesting ‘what if’."[2]


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