Deviant Hearts

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Name: Deviant Hearts
Date(s): 2005 - 2014
Archivist: nullroute
Founder: Darkwoofe
Type: yuri fanfiction
Fandom: multifandom (anime and manga)
URL: (archived link)
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Deviant Hearts was an archive and forum for yuri and femslash fanfiction, created in 2001.


Deviant Hearts was created in 2005 by Darkwoofe as a place to host some of their favorite femslash and yuri stories, as well as their own. After the forums were added, Deviant Hearts often became an alternate hangout to the Shoujo-Ai Archive, another popular archive and forum centered around yuri at the time.

In an interview for Femslash4Fans, Darkwoofe answered questions on the site's creation and early history

At first I just wanted a place where I could displace some of the great femslash stories I had read and to host my own. Why focus on femslash? For me it was a combination of the romance and the fact that with so few writers at the time the quality of the writing was worlds above other types of fanfiction.


When I first started archiving stories I read every one of them. the archive has become too big, and the fandoms too wide spread for me to do so now. Almost everything is submitted these days. When I first began and even now when I read something I really enjoy I'll ask the authors permission to host the story. I do have a minimum standard, but since authors on DH add and edit their own work, more often than not something below standards will get on the site. I'm very dependent on the readers to report these as I've had less and less time to devote to DH recently. I've had to remove a few stories that didn't make the cut. It's very hard to do because I don't like to hurt or often anyone it's just something that has to be done on occasions. [1]

Closure of Site

The decision to close the site was made around June 2014. Darkwoofe wrote:

Sorry to do it, but Deviant Hearts will be shutting down sometime next month. The combination of time needed to run the site, old software, spam, and low traffic has made me question if keeping the site going is really worth the effort. Sadly the answer I came up with is no. All authors have until sometime early next month to back up their stories. After that, they\'ll likely be deleted. New registrations and story submissions have been disabled. I really enjoyed our time here together and wouldn't trade it for anything. Hopefully we'll bump into each other on other sites. Until then, I guess this is goodbye...

A backup of the site and its forum was made by nullroute and is available for download. The stats as of December 2014 were:

Members: 9096
Series: 58
Stories: 1331
Chapters: 5477
Word count: 15528711
Authors: 151
Reviews: 8120
Reviewers: 397

Forum Posts: 65072
Forum Topics: 1988
Forum Boards: 39
Forum Categories: 5

Challenges: 37
Challengers: 28
Challenges: 37
Challengers: 28[2]