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Pairing: Danny Mahealani/Ethan Steiner
Alternative name(s): Dethan
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Fairly common
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Dethan or Danny/Ethan is the shipping of Danny Mahealani and Ethan Steiner from the MTV television show Teen Wolf.


Danny and Ethan's relationship was canon in season 3 of the television show. They broke up when Ethan left due to his brother dying and when Danny was ultimately written out of the show.


Many people loved Danny and Ethan together, which is the main reason people continue to ship them even though Danny is no longer in the show and Ethan is now with Jackson. Dethan was the first real and concrete example of an LGBTQ+ relationship involving the main cast of characters even though Teen Wolf was supposed to be a world free of homophobia and Danny had been out as gay since the very beginning of the show. A lot of fans saw it as a slap in the face when TPTB not only got rid of the relationship, but also got rid of Danny completely. One Tumblr user, symmetras, wrote, "i’m going to pretend danny changed his mind about ethan over the summer and decided to go after him and they found each other and went off to do their own thing out east."[1]

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