Destination Hanson

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Title: Destination Hanson
Editor(s): Kimmerz
Date(s): 2003-2004
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Hanson
Language: English
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Destination Hanson was a zine in the Hanson fandom that published ten online only issues from 2003 to 2004. It was created by Kimmerz and Munkie. The zine featured many articles and reviews, but also had a focus on promoting and reviewing fanfic and fansites.

Issue 1

Released in (early?) 2003.

Issue 2

Released in (May?) 2003.

Issue 3

Released in (June?) 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Survey
  • The Joy of FanFic
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • MON Review
  • ZacBeast, Pt.1 -- a fanfic by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • Hansonline v. H.Net
  • Lack of ITZperience
  • Munkie's MegaByte

Issue 4

Released in (July?) 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Wallpapers—created by Munkie
  • Penny and Me: My 2003 Summer Anthem—a review of the new song by Carrie Gilbert
  • ZacBeast, Pt.2
  • The Race for Tickets (and Other Random Musings) -- an article by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • Hanson Hoarding - The Memorabilia Madness—an article by Kimmerz
  • When You Get Old And Start Losing Your Hair—an article by Rebecca Dustin
  • Back Down Memory Lane—a review by Kimmerz of the movie Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere
  • Munkie's MegaByte—this issue featured Crazy Beautiful

Issue 5

Released in (August or September?) 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Zac in Pictures—an article by Kimmerz
  • Hanson Blows Jez Away in Pontiac, MI—a concert review by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • ZacBeast, Pt.3
  • Back Down Memory Lane—a review by Kimmerz of the album Snowed In
  • Hanson Fan Interaction—an article by Kimmerz
  • Underneath Acoustic: Good Things To Come—an article by Rebecca Dustin
  • Munkie's MegaByte—this issue featured

Issue 6

Released in fall 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • More Than Words
  • Island Records, Pt.1 -- an article by Sam
  • A Second Chance
  • Analyze Zac—an article by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • Nifty Sticks
  • I Love you, Brother Review—review by Amy, fanfic by Sra
  • Dreams Coming True—a poem by ?
  • Munkie's MegaByte

Issue 7

Released in fall 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Master of Keys—an article by Kimmerz
  • Island Records, Pt.2 -- an article by Sam
  • Little-Known Hanson Anecdotes—an article by Rebecca Dustin
  • Perfect
  • Taylor to a T
  • ZacBeast, Pt.4
  • Munkie's MegaByte—this issue featured Hanson Hysteria

Issue 8

Released in December 2003.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Hanson Experience 2003—a review of the London concert by Laura
  • London Review—by lollirock*star
  • Hanson to tour London – October 22, 2003—review by Stacey Currie
  • Hanson at Carnegie Hall—review by Jenn
  • Christmas Wallpaper—created by Munkie
  • Snowed In - A Musical Journey—review by Amy
  • 'Avery' Review—a review by Amy of the fanfic Avery
  • Isaac Hanson ~ Smooth Operator—an article by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • The "Chi-Town" Review—by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • Heart and Soul—an article by Kimmerz
  • A Christmas Tale—fanfic by Elizabeth
  • Munkie's MegaByte—this issue featured Fans From Oz

Issue 9

Released in January 2004.

  • Welcome
  • Notice Board
  • Strong Enough To Break—a fanfic by Liza
  • Evolution of the Music—an article by Amy
  • Buzz This—an article by Jezebel T. Jordan
  • Is it True Jacko? -- an article by Sam on recent events surrounding Michael Jackson, one of Hanson's musical inspirations
  • Penny and Me—a review by Jenn of the single version of the song
  • New Year, New Expectations—an article by Kimmerz

Issue 10

Released in (early spring) 2004.

  • Minor Details
  • Wheels In Motion—an article by Kimmerz
  • Every Word I Say
  • Finally In Control
  • Past and Present
  • Interview with a non-fan