Destina's Fan Fiction FAQ

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Title: Destina's Fan Fiction FAQ
Creator: Destina
Date(s): 2002 or earlier
Medium: online
Fandom: meta
External Links: Destina's Fan Fiction FAQ[1]
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Destina's Fan Fiction FAQ is a FAQ put together by destina to explain the origins of fan fiction and some of its history and terms.

It was cited in Jae's essay Young, Female, Single…? A Study of Demographics and Writing-/Reading-Habits of Fanfiction Writers and Readers.

Among the topics addressed:

1. Where did fan fiction originate?
2. Is it true the first fanfic was gay fiction!!?
3. Do the creators of the various shows support or discourage fan fiction?
4. What does the term "Mary Sue" refer to?
5. Slash fic is what, exactly?
6. What's (fill in the blank) mean? - common terms defined
7. Does the sexual content in my story matter, and should I warn the reader?
8. Can I use the original characters from someone else's story?
9. I have the best story ever written. How do I find people who want to read it?


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