Desmond Miles/Delsin Rowe

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Pairing: Desmond Miles/Delsin Rowe
Alternative name(s): Desdel, Delmond
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Assassin's Creed, inFAMOUS Second Son
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Relatively rare
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Desmond Miles/Delsin Rowe is a rare crossover pairing combining the Assassin's Creed and inFAMOUS Second Son fandoms.

Infamous Second Son was released on March 21, 2014; the ship apparently got its start on Tumblr in the summer of that year.[1][2][3]

The first piece of fic for the pairing, the stories they tell, was posted July 7 2014 by the RP blog akxmishx (later changed URL to nxtagoodboy).

Example Fanworks

Fan perspectives

I really think delsin needs someone similar to him but not the same. Cause you know Des can be kind of crabby but he can be goofy and I just feel like they’d balance each other out in a great way[4]
Tbh I really like the whole childhood friends thing for desmond and delsin cuz desmond could use a fuckin friend??? Like he was just on the farm as a kid living with his shitty dad who was probably having him train and learn rather than take the time to ya know, be a kid?

And if we take into account the whole idea of delsin being there he’d have a chance to go and experience the world as a kid and take the time to enjoy it the way he should’ve at that age.

Delsin has the tribe but not a lot of em are his own age so when this kid drops in from god knows where he’s like “hey do you like climbing trees? Do you like comics??” Cuz they both kind of had a need to grow up alongside someone rather than just around other people I feel like?[5]

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