Del Floria's Interview with Fiorenza a

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Del Floria's Interview with Fiorenza_a
Interviewer: Del Floria (Live Journal)
Interviewee: Fiorenza_a
Date(s): August 9, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Man from U.N.C.L.E.
External Links: full interview is here; archive link, includes comments
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Del Floria's Interview with Fiorenza_a is an interview with a Man from U.N.C.L.E. fan.

It is part of a series at Del Floria's. See Del Floria's Interview Series.


Addressing those who wear slash goggles, your opinion on who put those looks/those touches/that lack of personal space in the episodes, the writers or the actors? And, why were those mannerisms put in there?

Well given the state of play at the time, there may have been some unauthorized subliminal attempts on the part of the writers to allude to a love which dare not speak its name. But I really think the guys just knew how to sell a partnership.

For us to care, they had to. Everything else flows from that. If you want to interpret that as expressive of a sexual relationship, most of the world has grown up enough to deal with it. I don’t really care about the opinions of those who haven’t. Small minds create harm in inverse proportion to their size.

Do you use betas? Or why don’t you?

I don’t. The reason is that all the stories have a personal element for me; I’m exorcising something, exploring something or pondering something. Or just giving vent to my sense of humor, which is again a very personal thing. I’m happy to accept constructive criticism or seek technical advice, but the story itself is a personal thing and for good or ill I like to keep it that way.

That said, I do sometimes discuss what I’m writing with friends and will take on board their views, even if they don’t make it to the story.

Compare and contrast: writing for paper zines versus writing electronically for the internet.

I never wrote for a zine, but in the glad old, bad old, days I did write for myself (on an ancient Olivetti typewriter, older than the show). From what other writers I’ve spoken to have said, feedback was not instantaneous (unless you were actually handing things out at a meeting or convention). That’s a difference.

I like the chance to chat with people about what they think of what I’ve done, particularly if they have criticisms of it. It helps me grow as a writer, even if all I do is explain why I did what I did.

It’s also far less costly. No typewriter ribbon, paper etc.

I think for me the biggest boon is the ease of correction. Editing is so much easier electronically, it’s also far more portable. I can write at work if I choose.