Del Floria's Interview with Dragon606

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Del Floria's Interview with Dragon606
Interviewer: Del Floria (Live Journal)
Interviewee: Dragon606
Date(s): April 13, 2014
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Man from U.N.C.L.E.
External Links: full interview is here; Archive
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Del Floria's Interview with Dragon606 is an interview with a Man from U.N.C.L.E. fan.

It is part of a series at Del Floria's. See Del Floria's Interview Series.


How did you find yourself in MFU Fandom?

I think it gave me a chance to fantasize. Didn’t do that too much before. My friends and I all played UNCLE agents for a couple of years. Being able to daydream like that kept me sane during bad times. What was your first experience with MFU?

Believe it or not, at my grandparents’ house. We would often go there for the evening and Grandpa liked adventure shows. After the first couple, I was hooked! Then it got “big” at school, so I had someone to talk to about the latest episodes.
How did you find MFU stories, zines/online/other?

The first zine I ever read was The Clipper Trade Ship (Jim & Melody Rondeau’s). They often had short stories, usually ST. There were always ads in the back and I saw UNCLE and went bonkers, well as bonkers as my starting teach salary let me. Then Universal Translator came along and my sister and I started buying zines together. I stopped buying in 91 (got away from all fandom due to job stress) and resumed reading and buying in 06 when I retired. I have a bookcase with the zines I read most. The others are in plastic storage boxes.

Nowadays I mainly read online. Lots and lots of online. Need more online
What character would you like to be in an episode (actual episode character AND made up one) and would you even want to be in Season 3 at all?

Probably Angelique or Serena. They were about the only women who were portrayed as if they had some brains and backbone. Most of the other females were anonymous agents or silly innocents (or Lisa Rogers).

I’d love to be a Mary Sue and complete the mission for the injured guys. Actually when Jean Graham was writing custom stories, I had one written for a good friend. She was the Mary Sue, albeit an uncle agent, who helped complete a mission. She loved it (and I kept a copy for myself, too).