Deb and Catherine's AS&J Snark-A-Thon

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Title: Deb and Catherine's AS&J Snark-A-Thon
Creator: Deb and Catherine
Date(s): it began in late 1996
Medium: online
Fandom: Alias Smith and Jones
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Deb and Catherine's AS&J Snark-A-Thon was a section of the The Alias Smith and Jones Tribute, the first Alias Smith and Jones website.

Some Comments from 1996 and 1997

I should also introduce myself as the author of "Deb and Catherine's AS&J Snark-A-Thon" on the website. This is where Deb and I watch episodes, making a point of noticing things like False Eyelashes of the Old West and Bad Kojak Background Music, and I take notes between fits of laughter and later turn it into narrative. Our most popular category, of course, is Hannibal Heyes Hair Moments. You'd be amazed at the amount of attention you can pay to his hair. Not to mention the rest of him. And the Kid's pretty darn cute, too. [1]

I am by no means laughing at your expense, but the idea of "snarking" as a techno-type word tickled me immensely. It's apparently a British word, at least it's in my Oxford English Dictionary. It's like when my mom used to say to me in junior high, "He's only picking on you because he really likes you!" The snarkathon is a sort of humorous episode guide wherein Deborah and I make fun of ASJ in the most affectionate way And yes, we will provide printed copies on request to TOTers who aren't online. [2]


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