The Alias Smith and Jones Tribute

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Name: The Alias Smith and Jones Tribute
Owner/Maintainer: Deborah Menikoff
Dates: 1996-?
Type: website
Fandom: Alias Smith and Jones
URL: The address: (defunct)
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The Alias Smith and Jones Tribute was the first website for that fandom. It was created and maintained by Deborah Menikoff.

Fans of the time often referred to it as "the Internet page" or "the website."

For many fans, it was the first website they'd ever visited, and it was a popular fannish destination. Among other things, it was the home of Deb and Catherine's AS&J Snark-A-Thon.

Some Fannish Mentions

In January 1997,
I also saw my name on the fan fiction bibliography [from the newly-created AS&J's website, The Alias Smith and Jones Tribute, that fans are flocking to]. Now my name is on the World Wide Web twice: both times involved with ASJ stories. The other had to with the Fan-Q award from 1995….Okay, so ya see I heard tell there was this free trial thingy for the internet provided by Pacific Bell, where I work. So I says, what the heck and signed up. Actually, what I did was take my laptop to work and challenged the local network expert to get me set up. He downloaded the software to his PC, copied it to floppies, loaded it on my laptop, set everything up for me, and got me online -- hence, my E-mail address at the top of this letter. I've only been on it a couple of times at home, but already sent letters to [two names redacted], whose addresses I had handy…. I hope it doesn't become too habit forming. The first month free won't last forever. [1]
In April 1997, a fan writes:
The website and tribute page info is fascinating, but a plea to all you internet people - please don't forget that not all of us are hooked up yet, we might not know what you're talking about if you refer to something from one of these pages, so please do explain when you do that. [2]
In July 1997, a fan writes:
The internet has played no small role in my getting back into this series again, but more on that later! A special note to Deb Menikoff to THANK YOU for a great job with the web page — to anyone reading this who doesn't have web access themselves, Deb's web site is worth going to a library, an "internet cafe" or anywhere else you can just to check it out! And an extra side order of "thank you's" to Deb for using her editorial discretion to keep the site from becoming "The Pete Duel Death Page" — I think it'd be impossible in any forum on this show not to talk about Pete's death at all, but I'm glad to see the conversation being directed into other areas. I'd like to think that Pete would be pleased to know that people are enjoying and appreciating his work, not just talking about his death…. [3]


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