Death (Discworld)

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Name: Death
Occupation: Anthropological personification of mortality on the disc
Relationships: Mort Sto Helit (Apprentice), Albert (Discworld) butler, Susan Sto Helit (adopted granddaughter), Ysabell Sto Helit (adopted daughter), Binky horse
Fandom: Discworld
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"Image of Terry Pratchett and Death. Terry is standing on the right, and Death is on the left. They are shaking hands."
Death shakes Terry Pratchett’s hand by smiling-grouch (2021)

Death is the anthropological personification of mortality on Discworld. He is a recurring character in many Discworld stories, and a popular guest character in Discworld fanfic. Death has a deep voice, a pleasant demeanor, and he like cats. In written works, he speaks in ALL CAPS!


Death appears in every Discworld novel expect for Wee Free Men and Snuff.

He is the main character or an important character in five discworld novels; Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music, Hogfather, and Thief of Time. These books are commonly grouped together in the Death (Discworld Sub-Series).



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