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Journal Community
Name: Dear Mun...
Date(s): Created on 18 January 2004
Moderator: braidedreaper, canadabear
Founder: canadabear
Type: Meta Fandom RPG
Fandom: multifandom
URL: LJ profile; archive link

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Dear Mun... is a Fandom RPG livejournal community with a tagline stating:

because puppets have feelings too

The community RP style focused on characters addressing their muns with various complains and comments and other characters commenting. Entries were sometimes marked as voicetesting, as in players trying out new characters and seeing if they liked roleplaying with them.


Did your Mun write your last post just the way you wanted them to? Did they completely misunderstand what you're trying to tell them? Did they do something to you utterly against your will just because they were "bored?" This is a safe place for puppets to address their Muns for whatever reasons they feel necessary. What is said here stays here and does not affect your RPG in any way. Also, Muns may not hold anything you say here against you.[1]


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