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Title: Day*Star
Publisher: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): 1954-1972
Medium: print
Fandom: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Language: English
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Day*Star is a gen anthology. There are at least twenty-seven issues.

Issue 1

  • November 1954
  • “Symphonic Suite: Six Poems for Full Orchestra” by MZB (5-9)

Issue 2

  • May 1955
  • “The Sterner Season" by MZB (2)
  • “Tomboy" by MZB (7)

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

May 1955 Issue (volume number unknown)

  • “A Dozen of Everything." by MZB (5-7)

August 1956

  • “Sapphic Song" by MZB (9)

Issue 6

Day*Star 6 was published in 1957 and contains 9 pages.

With contributions by:

  • Terry Carr (short story)
  • Richard Ashman (letter)
  • Harry Warner (letter)

Issue 7

Issue 8

  • May 1959
  • “Leaf" by MZB (3)

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12

Issue 13

  • February 1961
  • “Year’s Beginning" by MZB (1)

May 1961 Issue(volume number unknown)

  • “Crime Story" by MZB (11-14)
  • “Three Moods" by MZB (10)

August 1961 Issue (volume number unknown)

Day*Star ? August 1961, 30 pages long, The writing on the bottom of this fanzine reads "Cover by Kerry; An Essay on Justice by Walter Breen; The Strange Story of The Screaming Skull of Wardley Hall by Tony Glynn; The Scottish Games, an account by Paul Zimmer; Three Fannish filk songs, by David Bradley; Orcs and Elf Stones, an experiment in dream-symbols, by MZB; poems by Terry Carr and Kerry; and pages of Stencilgazing, which ought to be mailing comments and aren't, for all comers."

  • Essay on Justice" by Walter Breen
  • "The strange story of 'The Screaming Scull' by Wardley Hall", by Tony Glynn
  • "The Scottish Games" by Paul Zimmer
  • Three fannish filk songs, by David Bradley
  • "Orcs and Elfstones", by Marion Zimmer Bradley (In the introduction, MZB calls her essay "a postscript, or perhaps a prescript, to The Jewel of Arwen, which I wrote for Pelz's Tolkien-fan zine I Palantir." It describes a dream she had in Tolkien's world while she was reading the books. Some elements of the dream contain elements from the Return of the King, before she had read the book.) (18-22)
  • poems by Terry Carr and Kerry

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

February 1962 (volume number unknown)

  • “Fragilities" by MZB (6)

Issue 19

Issue 20

Issue 21

Issue 22

Day*Star 22 was published in July 1964, contains 30 pages, edited and published by Marion Zimmer Bradley for inclusion in the quarterly mailing of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA), SF fandom’s oldest long-running institution (still going in 2010).

The issue leads off with a long poem, “The Legend of Hastur and Cassilda,” with notes by Marion. She continues with an article, “From Al-Merdin to Darkover,” followed by a “Glossary of Merdinian/Darkovan Terms,” which in turn is followed by a short description of “The Darkovan Calendar” and “Notes on the Seven Domains.”

Issue 23

Issue 24

Issue 25

published in February 1965, also Allerlei #14

  • “A Carol for Patrick" by MZB (16)

February 1972

  • “In Search of Arkham" by MZB (1)
  • “Shangri La" by MZB (6)

Combined with Allerlei

There are two separate sections bound with Day*Star which are technically separate fanzines: "Catch Trap" #106 (the title later for Marion's book The Catch Trap), consisting of ten pages of Marion’s essay-like FAPA mailing comments, and Allerlei #10 & 11, six pages of Marion’s husband Walter Breen’s FAPA mailing comments.