The Jewel of Arwen

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Title: The Jewel of Arwen
Publisher: T-K Graphics
Author(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover Artist(s): Jean Brill
Illustrator(s): Jean Brill
Date(s): 1974
Medium: print
Fandom: Tolkien
Language: English
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The Jewel of Arwen is a Tolkien 39-page novelette by Marion Zimmer Bradley which describes the history of the white stone that Arwen gives to Frodo in Return of the King.

It is a reprint of the story from the zine, I Palantir (1961).

The art is by Jean Brill.

Also see The Parting of Arwen.

Came to MZB in a Dream

“Orcs and Elfstones,” by Marion Zimmer Bradley was published in her zine Day*Star #15 (August 1961). It describes a vivid dream, which became a background of the Tolkien story “The Jewel of Arwen.”

Reactions and Reviews

I remember that the first LotR fanfic I ever read was MZB's story about the white gem that Arwen gives to Frodo in the end of RotK. I liked it. It was pretty cool.

I cannot remember much of it, but I remember liking Elladan and Elrohir in it, and there was mention of the white gem being a "small favor" given to Galadriel by Celebrimbor, which usually makes me squee a lot.


A librarian friend of mine, who is mighty in research-fu, found it for me and printed it on nice paper and bound it up in a little book for me for a birthday a few years back. I need to find the box it's in - I seem to remember that it was a very decent attempt at writing in Tolkien's style, and there was a line of Arwen's that I MELTED over. It was a very RESPECTFUL story, and I am always charmed by courtesy to Professor Tolkien. [1]


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