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Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster
Alternative name(s): JaneDarcy, ScienceShocks
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Thor, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: rare
Other: Darcy Lewis & Jane Foster
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Darcy/Jane is the rare non-canon femslash pairing of Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster from Thor film, which belongs inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Darcy/Jane is one of the rarer femslash pairings shipped in MCU fandom as a romantic pairing, as a platonic pairing they are often considered to be best friends with Darcy shown taking care of Jane and Jane caring about Darcy (for more platonic stuff check out Darcy Lewis & Jane Foster). Darcy/Jane fanworks, especially fics in the early days, were usually part of a threesome with Thor Odinson, however an increase of the pairing appeared after Thor 2 and as side pairings to others.

Common Tropes & Fanon

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  • Darcy taking care of Jane is huge part of the fandom - often by feeding Jane and making sure she sleeps when Jane is caught up with Science!



  • and everything by Proserpine, rated teen, Okay, so here’s a truth: Darcy totally signed up for the internship with Jane because she caught a glimpse of the woman during the fair and damn, those were some really fine legs.
  • Infinite Impatience by Salmon_Pink, rated Explicit, Sometimes Jane needs a gentle push before she gives Darcy what she wants. But Darcy needs this and she's not above making demands. Or just nagging, whining, and begging. Whatever works.
  • HD 181068 by Saathi1013




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