DC Marriage Week

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Event: DC Marriage Week
Date(s): October 14th - 20th, 2014
Type: Marriages Appreciation Week
Fandom: DC Comics Universe
URL: dcmarriageweek, Tumblr tag of dc marriage week
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DC Marriage Week is a fandom appreciation activity event focused on canon and fanon marriages in the DC Universe. It was hosted by stardustkr7, speedthruthenight, and justplainsomething.


The event was organized as a reaction to DC's "anti marriage" policy after the Batwoman controversy became public.

In light of DC’s recent fuckery and newfangled policy of not allowing characters to get hitched, we’re gonna throw our own fandom wide wedding, Tumblr style.


"All ships are welcome* and all types of fanwork are encouraged. Fanfic. Fanart. Fanvid. Fanmixes. Meta commentary on long term relationships in the DCU. Comic recs. If it has to do with marriage and DC characters, here is the place! (*let’s keep all these couples of legal age please, although future timelines with your favorite minors as adults is fine, ie. Older!Damian/Stephanie)"[1]

The event was created with the following guidelines:

  • Day 1, October 14 – Proposal
  • Day 2, October 15 – Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Day 3, October 16 – Same sex marriage
  • Day 4, October 17 – Wedding (Night)
  • Day 5, October 18 – BABIES
  • Day 6, October 19 – Anniversary
  • Day 7, October 20 – Free for all/Fix the New 52/Everyone exists

Notable Fanworks


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