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Journal Community
Name: custom_banners, Custom Icontest Award Banners
Date(s): 2005-2014
Moderator: calen383, colorfilter, contradictz, gunshou, mizugazipan, mmrobitussin, moonwitch, psycophant, raynala
Founder: mmrobitussin
Type: Banner
Fandom: Multifandom

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custom_banners was a LiveJournal community that created banners for the winners of any icontest community with no dedicated banner-maker. Because posts were deleted after banners were picked up, the total number of posts in custom_banners is unknown, but it was listed as a resource in a number of icontest communities. After a reminder post in 2012, the community was finally closed in 2014 due to inactivity.


PLEASE LIMIT YOUR REQUESTS TO 2 BANNERS PER POST (one post at a time per person). Upon completion of those banners you may make another request.

Listing your font, textures, and brushes enables the banner makers to match your banner as closely as possible to your icon.

Double emphasis: This community is only for requesting banners in communities that do NOT have a banner maker. Period. We will notify you if you request a banner for a community that has a banner maker. All requests for communities that have banner makers should go to cb_overflow.

Please do not bitch if it takes a long time for banner makers to get around to making yours. We all have lives, and we are all volunteers in this community. We have no deadline to meet.

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