Cunning Plots

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Title: Cunning Plots
Publisher: Off-Note Productions
Editor(s): Wolfie A. Mozart
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blackadder
Language: English
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Cunning Plots is a gen Blackadder 108-page anthology. The front cover and inside back cover are by Debbie Joseph. Jane Gravitt is the back cover artist. Other art by Melody Rondeau and Cheryl W. Duval.

  • Martinmas Tourney by Tricia Field (2)
  • Baldrick's Turnip by Teri Sarick (10)
  • Tooth by Charlene Lynch (12)
  • Tooth Theme by Susan M. Garrett (26)
  • Quill by Kevin S. Decker (28)
  • Revels and Revelations by Paula Smith (48)
  • Genius and Geniality by Cheryl Whitfield Duval (54)
  • Baldrick's Christmas Card by Baldrick (70)
  • King and Country by Kimberley Ann Wigmore (72)
  • The Unofficial Historie of the Familie Blackadder by Charlie and Cheryl Duval (100)
  • Mr. Bean Takes a Holiday by Robin Duval