Crossing Over Awards

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Name: Crossing Over Awards, COA
Date(s): 2006,2007,2008,2010
Frequency: Intermittent
Type: fan fiction
Associated Community: The Crossing Over Awards on Twisting the Hellmouth
Fandom: Crossovers, Buffyverse
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The Crossing Over Awards or COAs are a fanfiction award for Buffyverse crossovers on Twisting the Hellmouth. All registered site users may make one nomination in each category, from stories which have been posted to the site before nominations begin. After nominations end all registered users can vote for one of the top five nominees in each category. There is no "No award" option. The categories have varied with each year the awards are given, but in general are for:

  • Best portrayal of an original character
  • Best portrayal of a villain
  • Best portrayal of each of a range of Buffyverse characters, e.g. Buffy Summers
  • Best pairing
  • Best in various categories of crossover e.g. Lord of the Rings
  • Best Story, Best Crossover, Most Nominations etc.
  • Best by genre e.g. Comedy, Drabble, Fan art etc.

There are also non-voted awards from individual moderators, often somewhat idiosyncratic, e.g. the "Joe Loves Lesbians" award.

2008 Awards Redistribution

Two of the 2008 winners were found to be ineligible in their categories for various reasons, sparking a long and angry series of exchanges on the TTH forums[1]. The runner-up for "Best X-Men Story" was given that award; the runner-up for the other award, "Best Portrayal of Fred/Illyria," was one of the moderators, who stood aside so that it went to a third party.


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