Cross-Stitchers of the Knight

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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Cross-Stitchers of the Knight
Abbreviation: FKXS
Date(s): 1996 - ?
Leaders: Jan Jones, Amy Reed (mailing list owners)
Founder: Bobbie Williams
Type: hobby-based
Focus: cross-stitch & other embroidery
Community: Forever Knight Cross-Stitchers Yahoo Group
URL: Cross-stitchers of the Knight faction page (archived on Wayback Machine)

Screen capture of the logo of the Cross-Stitchers of the Knight faction, created by Jan Jones, seen at the head of their faction website.

Icon for the Cross-Stitchers of the Knight faction, created by Greer Watson
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The Cross-stitchers of the Knight (sometimes abbreviated to FKXS) are a group of Forever Knight fans who enjoy doing counted cross stitch as well as other forms of needlework. They share patterns based on Forever Knight imagery, and show each other their projects. Discussions on their (now defunct) Yahoo!Group list were about the TV show and fan fiction based on it, as well as their stitching projects; and the group also participated in a round robin story, "Stitcher of the Knight: The Ongoing Cross-Stitching Adventures of Flossie and Screed".

The Cross-stitchers have not participated in the Forever Knight Wars as a faction in their own right. Members have primary factions with whom they take part.


In 1996, Bobbie Williams posted a message on FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU asking if anyone else did counted cross stitch. A sufficient number of people contacted her that she started an e-mail loop in 1996. The Cross-stitchers officially went to list mode on 10 February 1997.

Bobbie Williams posted a message on FORKNI-L (Forever Knight e-mail list) asking if anyone did counted cross stitch, and if so, to contact her off-list. We did, and she started the e-mail loop. Since the formation of the group we have stitched many items and have donated them to the "Kickstart the Knight Campaign" and various on-line auctions to raise money in the attempt to bring back Forever Knight.

— from the Cross-stitchers of the Knight faction site on the Dark Knight Lair website

Yahoo! Group

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Fan Fiction

  • "Stitcher of the Knight"[1] — round robin fan fiction
  • "Once Upon a Colorless Time"[2] by Libby Singleton