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Journal Community
Name: cracked_princes
Date(s): 2005-2011
Moderator: luciferhisaki, mercy_slays
Founder: mercy_slays
Type: Shipping
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

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cracked_princes was a LiveJournal community dedicated to the OT5 ship Atobe/Fuji/Ryoma/Sanada/Tezuka. There were 210 entries and 3,879 comments made in the community between 2005 and 2011.

Cracked Princes is a Livejournal Community is dedicated to the OT5 of Tennis no Oujisama, Atobe Keigo x Fuji Syuusuke x Echizen Ryoma x Sanada Genichirou x Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Started by the wonderful kasugai_gummie and exwaiz and widely spread by lady_androgene, this OT5 has offically ate my brain and with rampant plot bunnies decided to force me into creating this comm for them. >.> Little buggers...

Anyway, this comm will be a little different from other Pairing comms, at least in my opinion.

The Comm is called Cracked Princes for a reason, actually. "Cracked" is a double meaning of Crack the Humor Drug and Cracked as in "Broken," being the Angst factor. Seeing as I will be writing *omg* Angst for this. ^^ Hey, I'm an Angst writer, I can't do crack fluff decently in my opinion. -.-;

There will be themes, Twenty five at least. (hopefully five centered on each guy, possibly ^^)

Mini Arcs made by me will also allow others to inspire themselves with. Some of which will be a Blind/Injured Arc and multiple AU Arcs (possibly Real Life inspired and/or x-over with other animes/manga/books). Members will also be given the chance to make their own Interactive Mini Arcs.

Comm challenges will also be given.

A special Archive for Pre-OT5 (or stuff prior to OT5 formation) will be made and is for all the AtoSana, TezuFuji, AtoTezu, AtoFuji, TezuRyo and all the other combinations you can make from these five. Please label each entry as Pre-OT5. This is very broad but keep in mind that this Comm is OT5 centric, not Tango Pair, Thrill Pair, Pillar Pair, etc. centric.