Council Hastur

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Fan Club
Name: Council Hastur
Founder(s): Barba Eikmeier
Country based in: Nebraska
Focus: Darkover
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Council Hastur was a Darkover council.

It was founded in 1978.

This fan club had an active discussion round robin: From Darkover Newsletter #15/16:
[It] has initiated a round robin this past spring and is pleased with how quickly the members caught on. Many councils are running robins— this is a kind of conversation held by mail in which one member writes a statement or question about a Darkovan subject and attaches a list of people. #2 on the list reads, comments, encloses his comment, and sends it to #3 who reads, comments, encloses his comment, and sends it to #4, etc., until it gets back to #1, who removes his initial statement and adds a comment and sends it out again. This is a tremendously absorbing form of conversation and can range into many other topics.

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