Cops and Robbers

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You may be looking for the zine multimedia zine Cops and Robbers and Spies...Oh, My!.

Title: Cops and Robbers
Author(s): manic_intent
Date(s): 31 May 2013
Length: 3,252 words
Genre: Slash, Backstory
Fandom: Elementary
External Links: Fic on AO3

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Cops and Robbers is a fanfic in the Elementary fandom. It was written by manic_intent and is primarily a backstory fic with Tommy Gregson/Sherlock Holmes as the primary pairing.


When Tommy Gregson first meets Sherlock Holmes, he's briefly convinced that the man's a psychic. God knows he's seen stranger things during his beat in New York.

Recs and Reviews

You did an amazing job catching Gregson's cadence. I could hear Aidan Quinn delivering all of his lines, clear as a bell.[1] (Comment by Gaffsie.)
Love the tension between Gregson's (usually successful) attempts to be cool, calm and collected, and Sherlock's sharpness and wit. Good for each other. And so good to read about them. Favourite moment: the tense, hesitant reunion dialogue.[2] (Comment by mcicioni.)
The dynamic manic_intent writes between Sherlock and Gregson here is fabulous, Gregson entirely centered, confident in his skin, and able to throw Sherlock off-balance as a result. The POV switches between Gregson and Sherlock in scenes set both before the start of the show and after the reveals of season 1, and watching their relationship develop, always casual but increasingly important to both of them, is deeply satisfying.

Elementary was never going to make anything like this Sherlock’s backstory with Gregson – they certainly weren’t going to include the stealth Sherlock crossover! – and some details have indeed been Jossed by season 2, but the relationship this fic portrays is so richly textured that it nonetheless remains incredibly convincing.[3] (Rec post by PhoenixFalls at 221b_recs.)


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