Conquering the Great King

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Title: Conquering the Great King
Author(s): SuggestiveScribe
Date(s): February 2015 - May 2015
Length: 105k+ words (17 chapters)
Genre: AU, Explicit
Fandom: Haikyuu
External Links: on AO3

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Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe is a Iwaoi Haikyuu fanfiction. It is the first work in the Breaking the Rules series, and is followed by How to Manage.

The fic was written for the ask "i need an au where oikawa meets iwaizumi at a bar and iwaizumi's quietly flirting with someone else and oikawa just scares them away and sits down in their place and straight up tells iwaizumi he's the one that iwaizumi will be taking home. iwa-chan finally agrees and as soon as they get in his apartment he tells oikawa that he's not going to treat him like the royalty that he thinks he is, and oikawa wholeheartedly accepts this. cue iwa fucking the sass out of oikawa while he calls him daddy[1]" on nsfw--haikyuu, a tumblr for nsfw Haikyuu headcanons.


Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, "Last time was supposed to be a one time thing," he said, voice low, lacking some conviction.

Oikawa's lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi's, "One time thing, Two time thing, what's it matter as long as it's not a Relationship thing?"


As of March 2019 the work has over 12.5k kudos and over 3,100 bookmarks on AO3. It is the most popular Haikyuu work by kudos and hits. It is the second-most bookmarked, after to be first, to be best, another Iwaoi fic.

There is a translation into Italiano.



ah, a true fandom classic, this fic does not disappoint. it’s a great au, with amazing development, and lots of great character interactions and side-pairings and perfectly written emotional build-up.[2]


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